Business Impact of a Breach

If a Business Is Impacted by a Data Breach, They Could Suffer Significantly

Investigation of Breach

Cost $20k – $50k


Cost $5k – $50k

Loss of Confidential Business Information

Remediation of Breach

Card & Identity Re-Assessment, Notify Cardholders


Risk to Reputation: Damage to the Brand

  • 31% of customers TERMINATED their relationship with the business
  • $36,000: Average PCI Fine of a data breach for Small Business
  • 90% of breaches impact Small Business

Proper Security Provides You with

Actionable Data Including:

  • Bringing in New Business

    Visibility of your customers’ spending patterns

  • Better Target Marketing

    Profiles of customers in categories; new, repeat, or local—to market more effectively

  • Ability to Monitor Results

    Understand the impact of your marketing efforts and improve future efforts

  • Checking Out Similar Businesses

    Merchants can compare sales to a group of similar businesses

  • Mapping Your World

    Understand where your customers live and shop

  • Accessibility from Anywhere

    Log on from a computer, tablet, or phone


  • Provides a detailed insight into your business and creates custom solutions
  • Allows us to identify the technology solutions needed to limit exposure and loss; due to fraud…even mobile payments
  • Increase revenue through key metrics and actionable data; to manage and grow company