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Conduct Business In All 50 States. Build A Sales Team & Register Business's, Merchants And Non-Profit Organizations

Affinity24 Certification/Enrollment Package Includes:

Complete System Integration, Introduction, Training and Certification

  • Personalized, Compliant Affinity24 Landing Page To Promote Your Business Opportunity And Product Offering.
  • Affinity24’s Video Training And Education Platform
  • Personal CRM System To Manage Your Merchant Portfolio And Candidates
  • Training Manuals, Videos And Materials Available 24/7/365
  • Dedicated Support Team And RM Available For Your Daily Needs
  • $199.00 One-Time Sign Up fee. Covers OnBoard, Training, Certification

$199/One-Time Sign Up Cost

*Monthly Membership REQUIRED
$49.99/Month (Deferred 3 Months)